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Fast paced, exciting tale full of festive cheer

North Pole Reform School - Jaimie Admans

Being new to the work of Jaimie Admans and relatively new to the YA genre, I was not sure what to expect from this book, however, I needn’t have worried because I found a fantastically festive story.


Mistletoe Bell (or Misty as she insists on being known as) hates Christmas and everything about it, especially her particularly festive name.  One night she has a visitation from a purple moose who reveals to her that her recent actions which have conspired to ruin Christmas,  have earned her a place at the North Pole Reform School.


Misty believes she is hallucinating until she wakes up and realises she is actually at the North Pole along with 4 other people to try and rehabilitate themselves into liking the festive season.


This was a fast paced and exciting story full of festive cheer (along with zombies) and Jaimie succeeds in creating a believable and vibrant world which includes elves, zombies and a very strict and misanthropic Father Christmas.  The romantic element of the book worked well and took me back to my teenage years where each glance and shared comment is imbued with emotion. 


I would have liked to learn more about the other 3 people in Misty’s reform group as their back stories seemed interesting – maybe these will be explored in a future book?


I really enjoyed this wonderful and engaging novella and would highly recommend it to get you in the mood for Christmas.