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Beautiful Christmas Tale

Just For Christmas - Scarlett Bailey

Having been looking forward to reading this book for ages, I was so excited to win a signed copy in a Twitter competition.  I had fallen in love with the lovely cover with its wonderful spattering of glitter to make it look especially festive.


The reader isimmediately drawn into Alex Munro’s world.  She has recently left her home she shared with her father in Edinburgh and has moved to the other end of the country to a lovely little Cornish village of Poldore (fictional) to become the harbourmaster much to the amusement and wonderment of the villagers.


It is clear that Alex is also running away from some romantic mishap which is slowly revealed to the reader.  Alex makes some new friends in the village and also meets Ruan who seems quite remote and not as immediately friendly as the others but Alex’s interest is piqued by this elusive man.


The writing in this book is magical, the setting of the fictional village of Poldore is vivid and beautiful and the other villagers are wonderfully drawn and most of all I fell in love with the dog that Alex reluctantly becomes the new owner of , Buoy- he is a loveable scamp and plays a key role later in the book which nearly bought me to tears.


There is warmth, humour, friendship and love in this lovely Christmas tale which weaves a wonderful spell and I think I am correct in thinking that this may not be the last visit to Poldore- I am counting down the days already!!