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Perfect cup of hot chocolate

Christmas Ever After - Sarah Morgan

Firstly, I’d like to appreciate how truly beautiful the cover of this book is, the colour of the deep blue sky, the wonderful London skyline and the image of a girl on a bench reading a book screams to me “read me now!” Add to this the wonderfully tactile feel of the glitter and the addition of a cute, glittery puffin on the back and the book is truly an item of beauty and luckily enough, what’s inside is just as beautiful.


Skylar is a jewellery designer who loves designing and creating beautiful jewellery. Jewellery that has meaning, an emotion, a declaration but something above just a flashy show of wealth.  It pains her that her parents see her passion and her dream as a hobby and not a real career.  So she is delighted when her boyfriend Richard makes the trip over to London to spend the opening night of her newest exhibition.   Richard is a rising political star and for him to take the time out of his hectic r


However, what should have been Sky’s night of celebration turns to pain and anguish after a public proposal from Richard goes wrong and after she is hurt and Richard just leaves her alone- Sky is left wondering perhaps her relationship with Richard had been a lie. Into her exhibition walks Alec Hunter who thinks of Sky as a ditzy princess but when he sees how much pain Sky is in, he decides that he can’t leave her alone and takes a reluctant Sky back to his hotel to help her recover.


Due to the possibility that Sky may have suffered a head injury and can’t be left alone, Alec has to take Sky with him to his Christmas visit to his parents. Due to pain in Alec’s past, this is not easy but Sky leaves his family and eventually him, enchanted with her warmth and sparkiness even in time of great personal pain.


This novel was like a perfect cup of hot chocolate in winter, it was filled with warmth and made the reader feel good inside. There is heartache sure but the author makes the reader feel so connected with Sky and Alec that you are willing the couple to overcome their own personal barriers to find some happiness for themselves. 


The settings are wonderfully described and I loved the descriptions of Alec’s loving but brutally honest family who welcome Sky into their home. Puffin Island is also lovingly described and as there are some more books in this series, I definitely want to read more about the island and its inhabitants.


This is a truly magical Christmas story that kept me reading long into the night and which I highly recommend to get you in the mood for your own Christmas Ever After.